Frustrated By Fear: 82 Industry Leader Opinions

There is something about selling on fear that we may inherently think is wrong, even if we intuitively believe it works.

Fear In Life Insurance: Right, Wrong Or Innovation Opportunity?

An innovation opportunity lies with whoever explores this and, more important, tries something new.

Mortality: Unleashing Its Hidden Sex Appeal

As seen on LifeHealthPro Ha! I made you look! Seriously. It’s time for the mortality librarian to take off her glasses, let down her hair, and enjoy some positive attention for a change. The life insurance industry chalks up a lot of negative consumer perceptions to the fact that we have to talk about death. However,   …Continue Reading

The Death Of A Sailboat: “Down To Earth-ing” Retirement

It’s official. Not everyone assumes that age 65 will mean fishing, gorgeous sunsets, a thick, perfectly tousled head of platinum hair and a spouse who has aged equally well.