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Authenticity: A Leadership Lesson From Chris Christie’s Mother

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As seen on I live in a blue state with a red governor. You’ve probably heard of him. The country has many different labels for him, everything from bully to good presidential candidate. After watching him in an interview the morning after the election, it became very clear that there is one label he could never   …Continue Reading

Hedging Your Innovation Risks Through Proper Budget Asset Allocation

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In the world of finance, asset allocation is a commonly used technique to determine where to put an individual’s money to get optimum returns.

What The Insurance Industry And Others Can Learn From Ghostbusters

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Disclaimer: do not read this unless you can accept ideas as mental yoga, and not as suggestions, recommendations or opinions.

What Business Are Insurance Companies REALLY In?

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Marketing Myopia occurs when company leaders define their mission too narrowly, resulting in business nearsightedness or shortsightedness.