Insurance Industry Missing A Key Segment: Single Women

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Insurance Industry Segment: Single WomenThe 2010 census will tell us that a staggering number of households do not have children living in them. And a large number of these households are comprised of single people—many of them women. Does this mean the American family is in decline?

It depends on how you define family… or American.

The insurance industry has often characterized the ideal client in terms of traditional values and makeup, and if households are different than the ideal, are they now B or C clients? Well, if you define an unmet consumer need as protecting the futures of children and spouses, perhaps. But is that all there is to protect?

Ask any single woman under 50 with no kids this question:

Is there anyone in your life that you want to leave something to?

You will probably get answers like: nieces, nephews, godchildren, charities, brothers, sisters, colleges, causes and the like—maybe even parents.

But are these worthy financial goals? Who is to judge? Do these women have money? Will they have more in the future? Do they want their lives to have meant something after they are gone?

Ask them. 

If they say yes, how can insurance companies reach them?

Better question: Are any insurance companies reaching them now?

Answer: Not yet.

Last question: Who’s going to start?