Fear In Life Insurance: Right, Wrong Or Innovation Opportunity?

An innovation opportunity lies with whoever explores this and, more important, tries something new.

Mortality: Unleashing Its Hidden Sex Appeal

As seen on LifeHealthPro Ha! I made you look! Seriously. It’s time for the mortality librarian to take off her glasses, let down her hair, and enjoy some positive attention for a change. The life insurance industry chalks up a lot of negative consumer perceptions to the fact that we have to talk about death. However,   …Continue Reading

The Death Of A Sailboat: “Down To Earth-ing” Retirement

It’s official. Not everyone assumes that age 65 will mean fishing, gorgeous sunsets, a thick, perfectly tousled head of platinum hair and a spouse who has aged equally well.

18.7 Million “Stuck Shoppers” Can’t Be Wrong

Using the words shopping and life insurance in the same sentence is the first indication that the “sold, not bought” paradigm is flipping.