Insurance Is Weird. Can This Brutal Truth Improve Consumer Perception?

As seen on If the insurance industry is serious about closing the gap that exists between its intentions and consumer perceptions, acknowledging weirdness could be the thing that does the trick. By “weird” I do not mean intangible, complex, negative, time consuming or any other adjective that could also describe other products and services.   …Continue Reading

Is It Time For Retirement To Retire?

As seen on It’s time for this thing called “retirement” to start using its assets to golf, sail, travel and enjoy its grandchildren while it still can. After all, it’s over 78 years old. How do we calculate its birthday? By the Social Security system. Born in 1935, this system was a revolutionary innovation   …Continue Reading

What LTCI Can Learn From Life Insurance

As seen on   After decades of observation, it seems like long-term care insurance is one of the toughest nuts to crack. Not just from a selling point of view, but also from a manufacturer’s point of view. So many carriers are exiting the business — either altogether or in fits and starts —   …Continue Reading

Industry Reinvention: Horror Story Or Opportunity?

As seen on   The life insurance industry is arguably going through a period of unprecedented change. We can blame aging distribution systems, commoditization, shrinking margins and a growing underserved population for the things that don’t feel right to us. However, we’ve been acknowledging and talking about this for years, and none of these   …Continue Reading