What If Insurance Coverage Worked On Points?

This article is the 2.0 to the last one I wrote called What if the Insurance Industry Worked on Tips? While that idea was inspired by a Friday night with an industry colleague who had designs on reinventing the compensation system for insurance agents, we still had the rest of the weekend to figure out what the next generation of product would potentially look like.

What If The Insurance Industry Worked On Tips?

If the insurance industry worked on tips, would we be able to price products differently? Would we be able to change pay structures of agents to smooth out the lumpiness of their income? Would we be able to attract a wider group of individuals to the job?

The Future Of S&P Downgrades: FYI, CYA Or LOL?

I can’t resist this. In the last few days, S&P downgraded the pristine credit rating of two leading mutuals, two fraternals, one stock company and a country. What is next? Will planet Earth become a mere AA+, as well? I understand their position. They cannot look past the obvious facts about gross debt, unemployment and spending patterns of   …Continue Reading

Life Insurance Language: Is It Creating Irrelevance?

Many have suggested that the solution is to simplify the product or make it easier and less painful to buy. And of course these things would help. However there is an area of “white space,” an opportunity that nobody yet owns, that could potentially help even more. That opportunity is language.