Will Mark Zuckerberg Reinvent The Insurance Industry? – A 2011 Prediction

I predict that Time magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year is going to reinvent the insurance industry. Not sure if he knows this yet, but that’s just because he is still young enough to be insured under his parents’ health policy. Perhaps on his birthday in 2011, when he is no longer covered, he will start thinking about it.

Insurance Insights – The Involvement Factor

A recent study from IBM indicates that the “trust gap” between the industry and the end-consumer is fueling a “business model identity crisis.” In other words, the thing that is keeping most of the industry executives awake at night is the fact that they do not know what the best way to deliver their products and services will look like in the future.

Insurance Industry Innovation – Ideas As A Capital Asset

While innovation and insurance are words not often seen in the same sentence, the tide is changing.

The Elusive Insurance Cross Sell/Up Sell: Truly Unprofitable Or Just Unsexy?

In most industries, it is a widely known fact that it’s easier and more profitable to get a larger share of a current customer’s wallet than to acquire new ones. Your cell phone provider knows it. Your car dealer knows it. Your department store knows it. But your insurance company isn’t so sure about it. Up-selling and cross-selling have plagued the industry for years. Many dabble in it, but refuse to give it a high priority in the innovation pipeline.