Trust As An Innovation – A Communication Lesson From The Florida Insurance Industry

Communication, however, is the act of transferring information from one source to another. If the transfer is not complete, the communication did not take place. The understanding and possibly even retention is the proof that the communication did take place.

How Innovation May Have Prevented The Flight From Middle Market

A recent Wall Street Journal article published this chart which is very curious. The majority of unbanked households are in what would be labeled racial minority groups. However they are also, according to the US Census Bureau, the fastest growing segments of the population.

You Talkin’ To Me? How Gen Y Hears “Insurance”

If you are an insurance company marketing executive wondering about how to tackle the Gen Y (or Millennial) market, trying to crack the code can be exhausting. Brace yourself. There’s something you need to know.

Three Bankable Innovation Opportunities Post Financial Regulatory Reform

Too small to fail; is idea agility the new competitive advantage after Financial Regulatory Reform?