Through the Lens of Insurance Agents: A Case For Asking Consumers Directly

There’s a cool opportunity right in front of the eyes of the life insurance industry. The trouble is, their glasses are a little dirty.

ROF vs ROI: What The Financial Services Industry Can Learn From ESPN

Well first, it may be valuable to want to create “fandom” within your customer base. Perhaps there should be more thought and innovation put around making customers feel respected versus products that will squeeze out a little more return for them, or lowering prices.

“Get Out Of My Facebook” – An Insurance Industry Innovator’s Guide To Social Media

As I observe and listen to the challenges, approaches and results of social media in the insurance industry, I cannot help but think about the original cast of Saturday Nite Live and their skit called “Landshark”.

Who Should Fix The Financial Services Industry?

While Obama and this administration are going to fairly extreme measures to intervene in the financial services and health insurance industries, the public may have a different view as to their ability to fix the situation.