Should Banks Invent A Prenup To Avoid The Need For A Living Will?

When insight, or a deep understanding of the public need aligns with an idea to fill that need and effective communication to let the people know, brilliant innovation is born. Perhaps the contingency plans that are already being done by the banks are insufficient for regulators (an idea breakdown) or perhaps they were poorly communicated (a communication breakdown).

The Recession Was A Gift – An Optimist’s Guide To Successful Innovation

I left the Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston this week inspired. Bert Jacobs, Founder ofLife Is Good, has made his entire life and a 100+ million dollar business about optimism.

Six Steps To Suspend Disbelief And Win Budget For Innovation

The value is significant. One of the innovator’s greatest challenges is getting the naysayer to pipe down just long enough to get the idea funded and on its way. “Suspension” could be the answer.

How Would Grandma Describe It? — Language As An Area For Innovation

In our research, we are finding that words used everyday in the finance and insurance industry are either not understood at all, or associated with something unrelated, particularly with millenials.