Reinvention And Reformation—An Innovation Balancing Act

The President says it’s not about stifling innovation with reform, rather the opposite. His new proposition encourages companies to build products and services that are not betting on human behavior, but more on the real needs. If all goes well, the incentives for good behavior will be attractive to entrepreneurs and industries worldwide.

Luck Or Skill? Innovation Process For Smart Organizations

For industries that are not steeped in innovation, the very idea of creating something new conjures up thoughts of mad scientists with wild grey hair, people throwing pencils at the ceiling and/or men in black unitards.

Gen Y: Are You Looking At Them As Your Customers Or As Your Kids?

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone in the life insurance world when I say that echo boomers (aka Generation Y, generally those under 30) are not a primary target and, to an extent, ignored by companies altogether.

Product Development In Financial Services: Innovation Or Mutuation?

When it comes to product development in the financial services and insurance world, I believe we need to stop the inbreeding. Or at least slow it down.