Jar Talk #3: Financial Advisor vs. The Prosumer

A prosumer is what happens when the new consumer becomes an expert. See how it impacts today’s financial advisor. Let’s help them get their groove back, shall we? Based on a video originally created by Joe Andrews.

Suffering From The ‘Shark Tank’ Effect? Here Are 3 Ways Out

As seen on LifeHealthPro Reality shows know how to grip their viewers by bringing them through a gamut of emotions. Power, achievement, success, failure, embarrassment, loss, sadness, anger, euphoria, fear…you name it. As innovation becomes a buzzword in many industries, it makes for a dreamy story to think about a rags-to-riches outcome from an idea that an   …Continue Reading

What’s Next For The Life Insurance Industry?

If you are thinking that “what’s next” for the life insurance industry has something to do with the experience around buying and owning life insurance products, think again.

Infusing Future Into Your Strategy

As seen on LifeHealthPro “The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed,” said William Gibson, cyberpunk author. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction where plots are set in the future and the characters are marginalized and victimized by wimpy governments and the sinister greed of major corporations. They rail against the establishment, designing creative   …Continue Reading