The Reverse Elevator Speech: A Test Of Authenticity

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One of the first things that people in professional sales are taught is that they must perfect their elevator speech, or the short narrative that exactly conveys their value proposition. The reverse elevator speech is key to improving perceptions of our industry and designing customer experiences.

Authenticity: A Leadership Lesson From Chris Christie’s Mother

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As seen on I live in a blue state with a red governor. You’ve probably heard of him. The country has many different labels for him, everything from bully to good presidential candidate. After watching him in an interview the morning after the election, it became very clear that there is one label he could never   …Continue Reading

The Death Of A Sailboat: “Down To Earth-ing” Retirement

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It’s official. Not everyone assumes that age 65 will mean fishing, gorgeous sunsets, a thick, perfectly tousled head of platinum hair and a spouse who has aged equally well.

18.7 Million “Stuck Shoppers” Can’t Be Wrong

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Using the words shopping and life insurance in the same sentence is the first indication that the “sold, not bought” paradigm is flipping.