Authenticity: A Leadership Lesson From Chris Christie’s Mother

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As seen on I live in a blue state with a red governor. You’ve probably heard of him. The country has many different labels for him, everything from bully to good presidential candidate. After watching him in an interview the morning after the election, it became very clear that there is one label he could never   …Continue Reading

18.7 Million “Stuck Shoppers” Can’t Be Wrong

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Using the words shopping and life insurance in the same sentence is the first indication that the “sold, not bought” paradigm is flipping.

Kill The Policy: 10 Cans Of Inspiration For Insurance Innovation

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As seen on Opinion   If you step outside on a quiet night, clear your mind, and cup your ear with your hand, you may be able to hear the faint sounds of leaders in the insurance industry saying, “I’m mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!” Well, maybe not   …Continue Reading

Distribution Paradigm Shifting – Consumers Are Selling To Themselves? Huh?

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Over the last several decades (yes, decades…), the insurance industry has been observing and lamenting over the decline of life insurance ownership in the U.S., and also the shrinking, aging and general economic malaise of the face-to-face distribution channel. Attempts at modernizing these channels have failed; attempts at growing them significantly have failed; and attempts at going direct have not even had much of a chance to fail or succeed.