Jar Talk #3: Financial Advisor vs. The Prosumer

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A prosumer is what happens when the new consumer becomes an expert. See how it impacts today’s financial advisor. Let’s help them get their groove back, shall we? Based on a video originally created by Joe Andrews.

What’s Next For The Life Insurance Industry?

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If you are thinking that “what’s next” for the life insurance industry has something to do with the experience around buying and owning life insurance products, think again.

The Reverse Elevator Speech: A Test Of Authenticity

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One of the first things that people in professional sales are taught is that they must perfect their elevator speech, or the short narrative that exactly conveys their value proposition. The reverse elevator speech is key to improving perceptions of our industry and designing customer experiences.

What Would Uber Do?

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Uber is one of my favorite disruptions, or as you’ve read in my previous articles, “Napster Moments.” This is when someone who has no business being in a business comes in and reinvents the business and puts someone out of business.