Maddock Douglas

Jar Talk #1: BGA vs. The Big Producer

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Is independent distribution suffering from the impacts of a shrinking and aging producer base and commoditization? Here is a dialogue that may be either ridiculous or somewhat familiar. You decide.

Jar Talk #4: Marketing vs. Legal

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Does your organization fail to capture innovation white space opportunities because they are playing the “blame game”? We call that “dark space.” Can you relate?

Jar Talk #3: Financial Advisor vs. The Prosumer

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A prosumer is what happens when the new consumer becomes an expert. See how it impacts today’s financial advisor. Let’s help them get their groove back, shall we? Based on a video originally created by Joe Andrews.

Suffering From The ‘Shark Tank’ Effect? Here Are 3 Ways Out

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As seen on LifeHealthPro Reality shows know how to grip their viewers by bringing them through a gamut of emotions. Power, achievement, success, failure, embarrassment, loss, sadness, anger, euphoria, fear…you name it. As innovation becomes a buzzword in many industries, it makes for a dreamy story to think about a rags-to-riches outcome from an idea that an   …Continue Reading