Here’s what people are saying about the book.

  • “Another nice addition to the Maddock Douglas portfolio of innovation thought leadership. They again share useful, first-hand experience as opposed to reconstituted consulting blather.”
  • “I am a creative person stuck in a conservative organization. This book made me feel like I was not alone or crazy. More important, the book gave me some practical ways to start the process of making change.”
  • “I picked up the book expecting to read about how technology was the key to innovation but was delighted to see simple opportunities to innovate everywhere—like the way we write, speak and communicate to our customers. Bravo.”
  • “I feel validated. Despite being in an established industry, there are examples everywhere of how to get unstuck.”
  • “I laughed, I cried…it was better than CATS. Seriously, nice job.”
  • “I live in a culture that is afraid to fail. This book outlines some ways to look at failure constructively. I am going to apply things I learned to help my team to start embracing risk and change.”
  • “This book reads like a road map for reinventing my division and perhaps my industry.”
  • “The Napster Moment section is both scary and inspiring. I can now see how someone could challenge our business tomorrow. I can see how to lean into the challenge.”
  • “This book was playful and fun. But every page had a tip that was useful. There were ‘Things to do Monday morning’ at the end of every chapter that helped me capture ideas and think about how to apply them to my own challenges.”
  • “My boss needed this book about 15 years ago. We’ve made many of the same mistakes that the authors reference. Thanks?”
  • “A practical tip on virtually every page, easy to read, funny and smart.”
  • “Written with humility by inventive experts who have lived these innovation challenges and figured out what to do about them. They generously share from their own experiences.”
  • “Funny, practical, easy to read.”
  • “Academics might not like this but business people will.”